We are currently collating our frequently asked questions. If you have a question, please contact us so that we can include it on this page.

FAQ's for Balloon Lights

Do the balloon lights include batteries?

Yes, the lights include three cell type batteries. The lights are ready to use once the tab is pulled out from the light.

Do the lights work in water?

Yes, they do work, however, we do not recommend using them this way as it can reduce the lifespan of the batteries. We recommend using them with our 'Magic Soil' that can be found on our site.


Can the lights flash as well as stay on constantly?

Yes, the lights are dual function. Once the battery tab is removed, twist the base half-way for flashing mode and turn the base all the way for static mode.


Are the lights re-usable?

Yes, if you keep the battery tab and replace it after use, you can re-use the lights when you wish. We do not sell replacement batteries, but they can be purchased on-line.


Can the lights be used in any type of balloon?

The only type of balloon that the lights cannot be used with are foil balloons.


How is the light held in place once inside the balloon?

Once in place, we supply clear cable ties which are used to secure the light. The light will be sitting in the neck of the inflated balloon. Simply fasten the tie around the light, from the outside of the balloon and trim.


Can the lights be used with helium- filled balloons?


Yes, the lights are perfectly safe to use with helium.


Do the lights weigh the balloon down?

Each light only weighs 2.5g. They measure 2cm long by 1cm diameter. Any added weight will eventually cause the balloon to descend, but provided the balloon is inflated fully, this would occur over a matter of days and NOT hours.


Do the lights ever pop the balloons due to emitting too much heat?

No, the lights will never pop the balloons. They do not emit any heat since the lights use LEDs and the batteries do not generate a spark.


Are the lights safe to use around children?

The lights are not a toy and do contain small parts.


Will the lights work in daylight?

To get maximum effect from the lights, we recommend using them in dim lighting conditions or complete darkness. This is where the lights excel in enhancing your venue or table decorations.


Are the lights limited to use in balloons only? 


No, there are endless uses for the lights. It is only your imagination that will limit their use! Feel free to contact us with any questions.